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Case Study: Pneumobil - Primavera ERP Implementation




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Pneumobil is a group of companies specializes in tire commercialization as well as associated services. The group is managed by Pneumobil SGPS.

MoreData, is a partner of Primavera Business Software Solutions, and was asked by Pneumobil to implement the Primavera ERP for the group.

Main Issues

In all it's activity, Pneumobil never had an integrated IT system. All the companies had proper invoice applications but they didn't manage their data in an integrated manner, such as client information, articles, stocks, etc.

Our Solution

MoreData implemented the Primavera ERP in each company, synchronizing data between them.

The key implementation done by MoreData was the possibility of each company to see the current stocks of the other companies, so they could better serve their customers, by internal merchandise trading instead of manually asking every company on data over a particular article. This was it is possible, in each company to view the stocks in a consolidated matter, as if the articles where in different warehouses. Consolidating the data on articles, customers and suppliers was also very efficient. Users no longer had to input repeatedly the data that the group already had.

The Benefit

With the implementation of Primavera ERP, Pneumobil's companies started to manage their information in a consolidated manner, managing stocks, customers, articles and suppliers. All these data were synchronized automatically, so no human intervention is needed for gathering and processing this information. Pneumobil's efficacy and efficiency were greatly improved with this implementation.

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