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Case Study: CCDRA - Document and Mailroom Management


Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Alentejo (CCDRA)


Public Administration




The CCDRA is a public administration entity whose mission is to "implement environmental policies, spatial and city planning and regional development, promote the coordinated actions of decentralized services and provide technical support to local authorities and their associations." The performance of its functions relays on the analysis and treatment of numerous documents under regulated formalisms. Given the extent of the territory under its powers and the scope of its duties, it is understood how great the amount of documents it receives, sends and circulates.

MoreData, has a remarkable experience in document management, either through custom developed systems, either through the adaptation and implementation of existing software packages.

Main Issues

CCDRA, like many other state agencies, has a mail room service, which formalizes the recieval and expedition of documents exchanged between the organization and external entities.

These documents, whom are most nor generated nor treated in the mail room service, are processed by many technicians from several departments. This processing means that documents frequently have to be modified and approved, however there are some documents that are only issued for informational proposes and archiving.

The problem for them was to efficiently reply to the challenge of managing this enormous flow of physical documents, received by traditional mail, and electronic documents, received by fax or e-mail. The support of adequate computerized tools, capable of managing all the flows involved and that allow the dematerialization – scanning paper-based documents – in order to facilitate the future consult and approval, are of major utility.

Our Solution

Given the difficulties of managing the documents in CCDRA, MoreData's team designed and developed a document management system, capable of managing the document flow within the organization, including the electronic index and archive.

The system is based on Alfresco software, the leading open-source document management system, plus a custom workflow, visualization and classification system.

The application's interface is totally web-based so the system can be accessed from anywhere, decentralized or not, from CCDRA.

The Benefit

With the document management system, based on Alfresco, CCDRA can now scan all the received or generated documents, in any place where they develop their activities.

The document flow is now immediate, eliminating the delays induced by interdepartmental transfers or even between technicians and their managers.

The physical documents, in paper support, can now be archived when they “enter” the institution, avoiding human intervention with transportation between departments or places.

In short, besides the efficacy gained, CCDRA also gained efficiency with this activity by saving human resource allocation that were released to the accomplishment of other tasks, in other areas.

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